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We provide expert consecutive, simultaneous and business interpretation as well as personal interpreters for all languages required. Our interpreters have excellent skills in the required language combinations as well as technical knowledge in the field as specified by the client. In the Covid era, we also offer hybrid conference setup. – conference, interpretation equipment, interpretation equipment in Africa.


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For all essential languages, we offer professional consecutive, simultaneous, and business interpretation in addition to personal interpreters. Our translators possess exceptional proficiency in the necessary language pairings in addition to technical expertise in the industry as indicated by the customer.

Equipment Rental

We provide cutting-edge interpreting tools, such as interpreter booths, microphones, headphones, transmitters, consoles, and all associated audio and sound equipment. From the technical setup of all equipment to the provision of interpreters and supervision during the event, we take care of every aspect of your demands.


Conference interpreting is practiced by highly trained interpreters at international summits, professional seminars, and other events where seamless, multilingual communication is crucial. Conference interpreting can be simultaneous, consecutive or, more rarely, whispered. We also provide video/hybrid conference setup.


A professional photographer or videographers who will be on hand to record every detail of your event can be provided by us. Take in every moment of the opening and closing ceremonies. The most recent tools will be used by our qualified photographer/videographers to record that moment.

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